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Hello! My name is Stacey He. I own a financial planning firm based in Toronto where I help people manage their personal and business finances. It all started when I was an accountant working closely with business owners learning the ins and outs of how to run a business. I witnessed many business successes and failures and realized with the insights and skills I acquired, I can eventually start my own firm. That’s exactly what I did.

As the owner of a financial planning firm, people come to me when they need guidance on how to manage their money better and make better financial choices. Others come to me when they are experiencing a life transition, such as buying a home, changing careers, or starting a business. No matter where you are in life, I work alongside with you to make sure your financial and life goals are reached. 

I started to realize people are starving for guidance on the road to entrepreneurship and needed someone to walk them through the process of setting up a successful business. This is why I started Startup Resource – I am a business owner and have gone through the startup phase and currently at the growth stage of the firm, I know what it takes to get a business off the ground. Over the years, I’ve also helped many people take their ideas, hobbies and passion and create a viable business. I’ve collected the most pressing and fundamental questions people had about starting a business and put together the Startup 101 | Startup 201 | Startup 301 in order to help you avoid costly business mistakes and create a successful start as you embark on the entrepreneurship journey.

​The Realization

Over the years of practicing as a financial planner, I began to develop a special interest and passion in entrepreneurship because I noticed many people have great ideas and want to start businesses but don't know where and how to start. And what’s more, business owners were also coming to me with questions that should have been answered long before the business started and had they known the right process, it would have prevented many costly mistakes and helped set businesses up for success early on, instead of learning the hard way.

About Stacey

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